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The game of Chess is over 1300 years old and is one of the most popular games in the world.   Chess can be very fun and exciting.    Learning to play chess is helpful in that it teaches students  to visualize moves and patterns in their mind.  They will learn short and long term planning, as well as the ability to focus their thoughts and energies.   Chess is a great problem solving exercise as well and rewards creative and thoughtful planning.  

Another very important part of Chess that we will be learning is Chess etiquette.    Not only will the student learn the rules of the game they will also be instructed in proper sportsmanship as well.   Once the rules are learned the students will have the opportunities to play one another under the oversight of the teacher.  Basic strategies and ideas will be given to the student at this time.

The Intermediate Chess class will be for those students who can basically play through a game without making an illegal move.   In this class, since the student is more familiar with the way the pieces move, we will introduce the student to more advanced tactics and strategies.   We will spend some time on opening principles and end game studies as well.   .  

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