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Excellence in Writing by Kingdom Builder

We offer several writing classes based on "Excellence in Writing" programs.

Student Intensive A - 3rd - 6th grade - (1 Semester) 
geared for 3rd - 6th grade students with no experience with the Excellence in Writing program. 

Continuation A - 4th - 7th grade - (1 year) 
This class builds and expands on the groundwork laid in the Intensive A class.

Student Intensive B - 6th - 9th grade - (1 semester) 
This class is the correct choice for students in the 6th - 9th grade range that are new to the Excellence in Writing program.  The Intensive B moves at a quicker pace and is more comprehensive than the Student Intensive A class.

Continuation B - 7th - 9th grade - (1 year)  
The Student Intensive B class is for students who have completed either the Student Intensive B class OR the Continuation A class.

Writing with Literature - (pre-requisite - completion of Continuation A, or Student Intensive B)

Students will be writing based on Literature.  We will be utilizing the Excellence in Writing systems to write book reports, short stories, sequels, and more based on the literature the student is already reading at home, and one book that we will be choosing as a class.

Story Writing
Report Writing - Details Soon!
Essay Writing