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Classes Begin September 8th  
(Session is 15 weeks)
1 hr classes are $80 per semester, 1.5 hr classes are $120 per semester, 2 hr classes are $160 per semester, 25% discount for 2nd student, 50% discount for 3rd student, additional students free of charge.  Each student has a registration fee of $20
Class descriptions are currently being updated at the botton of this page. If you have questions about classes, please don't hesitate to call or email!
Class Descriptions
Required Texts:

Apologia General Science – Apologia General Science Text 2nd Edition

Apologia Physical Science – Apologia Physical Science Text 2nd Edition

Apologia Biology – Apologia Biology Text 2nd Edition

Apologia Chemistry – Apologia Chemistry Text 2nd

Apologia Physics - Apologia Physics Text 2nd Edition

Spanish 1 – Bob Jones Spanish 1 2nd Edition Text, Tests, Activity Manual

Spanish 2 – Bob Jones Spanish 2 2nd Edition Text, Tests, Activity Manual

Pre-Algebra - Saxon Algebra 1/2 Text 3rd Edition

Algebra 1 – Saxon Algebra 1 Text 3rd Edition

Algebra 2 – Saxon Algebra 2 Text 2nd Edition

World Studies – BJU Press 3rd Edition World Studies Student Text

World History – BJU Press 3rd or 4th Edition World History Student Text

U.S. History - High School - BJU Press United States History Text 4th Edition

U.S. History - Junior High - BJU Press American Republic Text, 3rd Edition

Beginning Guitar - The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method - Volume 1: The Art and Technique of the Classical Guitar Book/CD Pack Buy Here

Spring 2015
Fall 2014